Head to central Crete and specifically to the Prefecture of Heraklion. The Azure Cove Villa is situated 15 km from the port in the Madés area of Ammoudi village and offers ideal accommodation for those who are looking for a deluxe villa in Heraklion.

Heraklion, a crossroads between Eastern and Western cultures, is a picturesque city and the most important urban and economic centre on Crete. Magnificent fountains, impressive bastions and fortresses dating from the Venetian period enchant the visitor and take him or her on a trip into the city's rich historical past.

On your way to the historical centre of the birthplace of Odysseus Elytis and Nikos Kazantzakis, we suggest you stop off at the Heraklion Archaeological Museum with its impressive exhibits from all the periods of Cretan history and prehistory. Its crowning glory has to be the Minoan antiquities. Also make sure you see the Venetian harbour with its magnificent sea fortress [the well-known “Koule”], the elaborate Venetian loggia, the Basilica of Saint Mark - formerly the Cathedral Church of Crete. Across from it lies the Morosini Fountain in the Lions Square. Don’t miss the Great Castle of Chandax, a colossal fortification work built during the Venetian occupation, and the Martinengo Bastion, where the writer Nikos Kazantzakis was buried.


There are also many well-known beaches just a short distance from Heraklion. Heading north, you can visit the little ports of  Chersonissos, Potamos beach in Malia, Matala, Bali and Agia Pelagia whereas if you head south, you will be impressed by  Agiofarango, Trafulas with its fine grey gravel, Aspes beach with its black sands, Agios Nikitas, the legendary caves in Listis [near Keratokampos] and the sand dunes of Komos.


The Madés area is located at the northern tip of Heraklion Gulf, in the Municipality of Malevizio. It is at Bourouni Rogdias Cape, at an altitude of 118 m above sea level.

The Madés area is in very close proximity – just 1.5 km or less than 15 minutes away – to the enchanting bay of Lygaria [with sun loungers, thick sand, blue-green waters and a diving school)] and Agia Pelagia beach [one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area, with fine sand and crystal clear waters], while a number of smaller beaches [Mononaftis, Psaromoura, Fylakes, Kladissos], some with pebbles and some with fine sand, offer dozens of choices for a wonderful swimming experience and underwater fishing.

Some say the area’s unusual name Madés comes from the Greek phrase “Μa des ti thea” which translates as “But just look at the view”, which shepherds exclaimed when gazing at the breath-taking gulf with its two little islands. As an interpretation, it’s not at all unlikely because of the wonderful view which is offered there. On another less romantic view, the area takes its name from the Greek word “madó”, which means “to pluck”, because of the texture of the phyllite-quartzite rocks which are dominant in the area, and disintegrate and crumble easily. Other than the city of Heraklion, which is just 21 km away, we suggest you visit the neighbouring village of Fodele, birthplace of the well known painter El Greco, the historical Savvathiana Monastery and, of course, the famous Minoan palaces of Knossos, Phaistos and Malia.

Useful distances of points of interest from Madés
Heraklio: 23 min. (21,6 km.)
Ammoudi Heraklio: 3 min. (1,0 km.)
On the East side of Crete:
Agios Nikolaos: 1 hour 15 min. (84,3 km.)
Elounta: 1 hour 25 min. (91,9 km.)
On the South side of Crete:
Knossos: 32 min. (25,3 km.)
Faistos: 1 hour 29 min. (65,8 km.)
Ierapetra: 1 hour 46 min. (117 km.)
On the West side of Crete:
Chania: 1 hour 44 min. (122 km.)
Fodele: 15 min. (12,8 km.)
Bali: 34 min. (33,5 km.)
Rethimno: 57 min. (62,2 km.)
Chora Sfakion: 2 hours (126 km.)
Ancient Apollonia (Agia Pelagia): 1,6 km.
Palaiokastro fortress: 3,9 km.
The 15th century Modinos Mansion: 4,1 km.
Panagia Deligara Monastery: 0,5 km.
Panagia Fraskion Monastery: 1,3 km.
Savvathiana Monastery: 3,9 km.
St. Fotini the Samaritan Monastery: 4,8 km.
Agia Pelagia Monastery in Achlada: 2,6 km.
Ligaria: 0,7 km.
Trypiti, Achlada: 1 km.
Fraskia: 1,4 km.
Agia Pelagia: 1,6 km.
Kladissos: 1,8 km.
Psaromura: 2 km.
Mononaftis: 2,3 km.
Village of Achlada: 3,8 km.
Chelidoni: 4,1 km.
Pantanassa: 4,9 km.
Spiliotissa Gorge, Rogdia: 3,4 km.